Earth Day 2015!

Our favorite day of the year is just around the corner- Earth Day! Celebrate with us all month long! In addition to getting 40% off any merchandise we will donate 10% of your total purchase to Heal the Bay! Heal the Bay addresses the many different issues our oceans are facing such as oil drilling, climate change, marine debris, stormwater, etc. If you wish to know more about Heal the Bay and their efforts, please visit

Did you know that Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 due to the efforts of Sen. Gaylord Nelson, a passionate activist dedicated to protecting the environment and increasing awareness of environmental issues? Although social activism peaked during the late 1960s and early 1970s, legislation on environmental issues was essentially nonexistent.
Did you know that in 2012, more than 100 thousand people in China rode their bikes on Earth Day and collectively they saved fuel and reduced the CO2 emissions from vehicles?
Did you know that recycling 1 aluminum can save enough energy to watch 3 hours of TV?
Did you know that it takes less energy (90% less!) to recycle aluminum cans than to manufacture new ones?
Did you know that only 27% of newspapers are recycled annually? If all newspapers were recycled, it would save one quarter of a billion trees every year!

Let us know how you’ll be celebrating Earth Day 2015!

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I am Noreen, Founder of Eco Malibu. I spent the better part of my career designing clothing for large activewear corporations. At forty five years old, I was blessed to become pregnant, a gift I credit in large part to a long term dedication to my yoga practice and a very cool husband!

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