EcoTech Fabric

EcoTech: Reduces Waste

Our EcoTech materials earth friendly, sustainable and sporty! Each garment recycles approximately 4 plastic bottles to create a polyester fiber that is the environmentally-responsible and a better alternative to conventional polyester or nylon that are processed from petroleum. Yikes!

Polyester is perfect for our Ecotech Jacket and EcoTech Pant that are stylish and comfortable —a great addition to your yoga wardrobe . And you’ll feel great knowing your doing your part to help the environment for generations to come…

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About the Author : Noreen

I am Noreen, Founder of Eco Malibu. I spent the better part of my career designing clothing for large activewear corporations. At forty five years old, I was blessed to become pregnant, a gift I credit in large part to a long term dedication to my yoga practice and a very cool husband!

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