Our Materials



High Performance Fabrics Made from Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Recycled Materials


Organic cotton helps replenish and maintain soil fertility.  The earth benefits from this process and produces softer, higher quality organic cotton fabric that’s not weakened by the use of chemicals.  Though slightly more expensive to manufacture – it provides superior quality and protects our environment.


Sustainable bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It has the natural ability to replenish itself and grows up to three feet a day without chemical pesticides or additional water.  When bamboo is woven into material it wicks moisture and repels odor, providing maximum comfort and softness.


In the U.S., we throw away five million plastic bottles every five minutes. Eco Malibu is putting many of these bottles to good use by converting them to make polyester fiber.  Our fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles and post consumer products.
Recycled polyester fiber is an environmentally responsible alternative to conventional polyester and nylon. It diverts plastics that would otherwise lay piled in landfills, and the energy needed to produce recycled polyester fiber is much lower than what is needed to produce conventional nylon.


Earth friendly inks are free of lead, dangerous, phthalates, heavy metals, and formaldehyde. Ensuring that that these dangerous chemicals are not absorbed into the skin without compromising color vibrancy and wearability.

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We will be updating our entire inventory so return again to see our new product line.